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Corporate Communication Coach

Career Coach

Hi, call me Xy!

(pronounced like Xylephone)

I’m a Corporate Communication Coach with a Master’s in Health Ed and a yoga + reiki certification.

Download my free

"Office Burnout Quiz"

Empowering corporate high-performers, like you, identify the triggers and causes of your exhaustion.


Burnout ⇒ Thriving Coaching

🌺 One-on-One Coaching:  crafted to help you envision a wellness future that aligns with your desired lifestyle.


🌈 Positive Psychology & Behavioral Change: Through evidence-backed  interventions, discover the power to enhance your wellness. From weight loss and fitness to nutrition, stress coping, and sleep improvement, embark on a journey proven to prevent disease and elevate your overall health.


Your Burnout to Thriving Consultation

Free 15 min. Call

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